Saudconsult is one of the Saudi Arabia’s oldest & largest multidisciplinary    engineering & architectural firms, founded in 1965G (1384H) by the Chairman of the Board – Eng. Dr. Tarek M. A. Shawaf.  It is 100% Saudi Privately Owned, Sole Proprietorship, and Engineering Consultancy firm.


Saudconsult now comprises a work force of more than 1800 Engineers, Architects, Consultants, Designers (CADD), Technicians & Support Staff. Projects of the firm encompass every aspect of development form cities, industrial centers, hospitals, schools & universities, highways, bridges, airports, water, sewage, drainage, irrigation, landscaping, dams, harbor, marine facilities, desalination plants, treatment plants, oil/gas & petrochemical, power & telecommunication systems.


Saudconsult can provide all the services necessary to take the projects from initial feasibility studies & conceptualization through detailed design / engineering, project management, construction supervision, procurement assistance, commissioning and finally operation & maintenance.  It can also furnish each of these services individually or assemble them in a combination to meet a specific set of needs.


A board of directors, comprising of the president; the executive vice president & vice president, headed by Dr. Tarek M.A. Shawaf, owner & chairman of the board set Saudconsult’s policy.


In addition to the headquarters office in Riyadh, Saudconsult has a Central Region office, also located in Riyadh, Eastern Region office in Al Khobar, A western Region office in Jeddah & an International Office in Egypt and the United Kingdom.  The firm's familiarity with each region of the Kingdom is of special value in assuring the successful completion of the project, including the securing & evaluation of bids, overseeing procurement & managing and supervising construction. The De-centralized, flexible, structure of Saudconsult was created in response to the special demands of its vast operating area.  Because business & development requirements vary significantly across the Kingdom. Saudconsult has established four operation centers, including the headquarters in Riyadh. Each regional center has a manager who has wide decision-making powers in his region. The individual project managers report to their respective managers. This decentralization allows much closer control over each project & assures that clients will receive quick responses to their needs.


It has also allowed the regional centres to develop groups of specialists with unique understandings of the needs & opportunities within their areas.


In addition, technical specialists in a wide range of fields reside at the Saudconsult headquarters in Riyadh.  They are directed wherever & whenever their particular expertise is required, thus assuring quality control through all Saudconsult operations.


Though this combination of decentralized control, and concentrated technical strength, Saudconsult can deliver the skills, the services & the responsiveness that each client requires.


Saudconsult has emerged as one of the most experienced consulting firms in the developing world after its deep involvement in the post-oil boom development activity – rated as one of the greatest & fastest in human history, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Saudconsult has painstakingly acquired vast experience and confidence during the last 42 years by successfully completing scores of projects in record time under highly demanding conditions.


Saudconsult has leapt to the stature of a leading modern international consulting firm in a relatively short span of time.  Thanks to its rigorous interaction with the advanced technologies in the melting pot of Saudi Arabian development.  Today, Saudconsult is equipped with all the modern tools needed for efficiently accomplishing even the most complicated jobs.  The firm is not only spearheading the present-day development of Saudi Arabia.  It is also applying the techniques patiently learned in many developing countries of Africa & the Middle East.  Having originated in a developing country, Saudconsult possesses a unique understanding.


Saudconsult has gathered from around the world, as well as those recruited from the growing ranks of bright young Saudi Arabs with technical degrees.


Saudconsult employees have a broad range of expertise, and they make the company truly multinational in flavor. This is one of the reasons that Saudconsult has flexibility to successfully co-operate with joint ventures partners on a global basis.

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