Transportation engineering is the application of a variety of scientific principles to achieve a safe and efficient movement of people and goods through different means. Planning and design of a transportation network requires a variety of expertise and differs from one transport means to another.

Saudconsult plays a key role in planning and supervising the design of major transportation networks in the Kingdom, by providing a web that includes ground, air, and sea transportation facilities. The firm's experience in highway and bridge engineering is vast, acquired through projects that achieve the perfect balance between modern architectural elements and local cultural requirements. Saudconsult has also developed a number of traffic studies resulting in enhanced travel safety and efficiency.

Saudconsult has participated in planning, reconnaissance, feasibility studies, design, and construction management/supervision of all classes of urban and rural highways. To date, Saudconsult has designed and supervised the construction of over 900km of expressways, 3500km of arterial highways, 1200km of collector and local roads, and 1700km of rural/agricultural roads. The firm has designed and supervised over 200 interchanges and more than 400,000sqm of bridges. In railway systems engineering, a multi-faceted engineering discipline, Saudconsult has also developed exceptional skills through a variety of projects perfectly accomplished.

In airport engineering, Saudconsult calculates the impact and demands of aircraft in designing airport facilities. One such example is the analysis of predominant wind direction to determine runway orientation. The Ministry of Defense and Aviation in Saudi Arabia is responsible for the direction of the kingdom's military, the construction of civilian airports (as well as military bases), and meteorology. With the inception of the “Peace Sun IX Program", Saudconsult has worked closely with the Ministry, with four major air bases in the kingdom for the Royal Saudi Air Force, many similar projects for the kingdom's airlines, as well as for the Presidency of Civil Aviation.

In the sea transport domain, Saudconsult has successfully designed and managed the construction of a number of harbors and marinas within the kingdom. The work included finger piers, wharfs, sheet piling, platforms, revetments/breakwaters, SPM's Subsea pipelines, dredging, and navigational aids.

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