The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys the world's largest oil reserve. To handle this reserve and to cater for the production, processing, and distribution of oil and its by-products, a large oil industry has emerged in the past decades to become the kingdom's leading industry.

Saudconsult has executed a large number of projects in the domain of oil, gas, hydro carbon and petrochemical industry for plant upgrades, modifications, revamping, improvements, expansions, and addition of new facilities. Services offered in this industry cover conceptual design, project proposal, detail engineering, project management, procurement assistance, cost estimation, construction support, commissioning, and start-up assistance.

These services are provided for production facilities including Oil and gas gathering facilities, flow lines, treating facilities, water injection systems, onshore pipelines including oil terminals, bulk plants, metering skids, pumping stations, and control rooms.

Saudconsult has also completed a large number and variety of Detail Design Packages consisting of mechanical/piping, instrumentation, electrical and oil/structural engineering for refineries, NGL plants and Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSPs). Saudconsult's client list in this domain is prestigious and constantly growing.

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