Water supply systems have to be simple, effective, reliable, durable, and cost-effective to meet increasing sustainability demands. Conveyance of wastewater (ranging from 70%-90% of water supply collection) from various sources is the first step in effective management of community's wastewater.

Saudconsult has to its credit completing a large number of water and wastewater engineering projects throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudconsult has studied, planned, designed, and supervised the construction of over 4000km of pipeline and associated facilities in hundreds of towns and villages in Saudi Arabia. The firm has applied modern SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) in controlling and monitoring large-scale water related projects.

Saudconsult has performed design review and construction supervision of many large-size water storage reservoirs, most notably in Riyadh and Jeddah. The firm has also designed and supervised a number of sewage treatment plants with various capacities and processes.

Saudconsult owns and operates the world's largest and most modern water desalination facilities. Desalination refers to any of several processes that remove the excess salt and other minerals from water in order to obtain fresh water. Saudconsult has been associated with design and construction management of most of the desalination plants in Saudi Arabia.

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