Project management requires understanding all elements involved in a successful project - design, construction, purpose, stakeholders, and budget - and orchestrating these elements by applying the needed resources and knowhow.

Saudconsult's experienced staff has diverse technical and management skills. This enables us to develop, administer, and control mega construction projects. We are committed to help clients achieve targets and manage the uncertainties of construction. In the process, we have earned a reputation for excellence.

Construction management procedures start when Saudconsult develops the contract documentation, proceeds with the bid, and handles the bidding negotiations until the contract is awarded. Then Saudconsult schedules the development and monitoring procedures within a complete contract administration plan that also includes cost control and change control budgeting.

Throughout the project's life, Saudconsult monitors project deliverables in terms of quality, safety and conformity to specifications, ensuring the project is delivered exactly as planned. Our project management clients benefit from our proven expertise and mechanisms for actualizing complex projects. Our full-service capabilities in this domain are tailored to each project's specific needs.

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