Dental Clinic Dammam (Dental College Dammam)
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The Dental Clinic is located at the middle of the Midical Center Area, on a piece of land corresponding to something around 160,000 sq.m. The Dental Clinic Area is 26,000 sq.m. The central position of the clinic give an easy access to it for the other Medical Colleges and it has direct access for Dentistry College, the main access is from the plaza, but several other secondary paths are connecting the clinic to the various facilities around the student library, medical college. The Dental Clinic Building is a big block of three levels positioned on a court connected by a covered walkway and bridge at the 2nd level. The Dental Clinic has 250 Dental Units connected to the main central compmressed air and vacuum system, it serve by 2 big operating rooms and recovery area.
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