Shoaiba Power Plant; Contract No. ENG/SHOAIBA/1124
SCECO Western Region
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Preparation of Design Report, Tender document & Tender Evaluation of : Power Plant having 5x350MW capacity of Conventional Steam Units wilth all ausiliaries, Sea Water Intake & Outfall, Fuel Receiving Jetty with capacity of 100,000 tons, Fuel Treatment Plant & Tanks, 1.0 mgpd MSF Water Desalination Plant, Water Treatment Plant & High & Low Pressure Piping with accessories. 380kV Transmission Lines form Shoaiba to Jeddah & Makkah. 380/110kV GIS Substations at Shoaiba. Extension of the existing 380kV Substations at Jeddah & Makkah. SCADA/LDC Systems & Terminals at Shoaiba and the required extensions of PLC Communication System in EWR existing substations and LC. Housing Community Development.
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