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The Administration Building is the assembly of 2 blocks of 3 levels which intersection, i.e. the core of the building is a 3-level atrium with vertical circulation in 2 corners and the entrances in the 2 others are for visitors and students. Each block is organized around a patio to maximize the linear of facade and to create a corridor with offices on each sde. The office corridor is connected to the central atrium accommodating 2 levels access and is positioned around the open space for dramatic visual effects. LEVEL 1: This level is mostly reserved for male student affairs with the student access from the main plaza. There is also come of the general administration office and the cachier's office and archives of the general secretary at this level. The V.I.P. entrance is located on the opposite side of the student and visitors' entrance. A private lounge and an elevator lead directly to the rector area on level 3. LEVEL 2: tHE OFFICE OF THE gENERAL sECRETARY OCCUPIES MOST OF lEVEL 2. LEVEL 3: This is the prestigious level with the rector and vice rector area located on the north facade looking out over the main plaza. The general administration is located on one side with each department organized in a small independent zone. The office of the General Assembly is located on the other side in a small independent arrangement 2,4, Facades; The Administration Building is a prestifious building located close to the main campus entrance and is very visible from the coastal road.
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