Study and Design of STP Taif Extension
Treatment Plants
Study and Design of the Existing Sewage Treatment Plant from all technical & Operational Aspects. The project falls into two parts: Part 1 : Carry out a conclusive study of the existing STP from all technical & operational aspects, the treatment system used and to make proposals necessary for developing of both the plant & the system used so that the plant can be operated in its full capacity (67000 cu.m./day) to give out confirmations of teritary effluent that can be used in unrestricted irrigation. Part 2: Carry out study/design & extension of the existing treatment plant by designing a new treatment plant to be implemented nearby the existing one, and connected to each other if possible so that the full capacity of both plants shall become (150,000 cu.m./day). This shall include all design & study works and submission of the relevant drawings and other documents such as conditions, specifications, BOQ's & plans.
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