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Design was developed draft water tower of East as landmark which has been implemented in Cornich of Khobar to the height of 90 meters and the capacity of water storage is estimated at 5,000 cu.m. reservoir conical based on the top of a column of concrete height in 64 meter and a diameter of 11 meters and contains the elevators, stairs, top of the tank there is a three-storey containing a restaurant in surface view and floor services to serve these facilities. Also the project contains the following: 1. Shaft at the main tower is the creation of concrete in 11 meters diameter contains 5 elevators + service elevator and 2 fire escape serves on the concrete base thickness of 3.20 m and the project is based entirely on the foundations of pails number 378 diameters 60.80 & 150 cm depths different from 18 - 36 m. 2. The basement level (-0.60) which is the services floor for air-conditioning pipes and electricity and a private storage area. Restaurant at the top. 3. On the ground floor level (2.20) and diameter upin 85 meters and has several lounges, cafes, fountains and several trade fairs. 4. Maintenance machinery on the level of 61.80 which is the bottom of reservoir. 5. Reservoir level (+65) and a capacity of 5,000 cu.m. of water. 6. Restaurant is on the level 73.30 internal diameter os 37.00 mtrs, surrounded by an external level deviation 72.70. view of 2.00 m and a double glass front for viewing and enjoys the view outside from inside the restaurant. 7. View deck level of 80.50 and dia. 22m and has room to watch and several shops. 8. Machinery room on the level of 84.65. This reservoir of conical shape with domes decorated curved and overlapping to be a form typical Islamic Fantastic, as well as the ground floor and formatting intervention fornix and decoration of the Islamic as well as to the nerves external its convergence from below and to the reservoir in the form of flowchart wonderful to be an architectural masterpiece of the art and are consistent with the spirit of the age and nature of the Islamic and will undoubtedly be a great slogan of the Eastern Region and a cultural landmark and a distinctive architectural touch.
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