Engineering Services for Community a) Site Preparation for Mutrafiah, Phase 1, b) Primary Infrastructure for Mutrafiah, Phase 1, c) Secondary Infrastructure for Mutraffiah Phase 1
Water and Wastewater Network
a) Site Preparation included the design for the complete filling and rough grading of Mutrafiah (Sectors F1, F2). In this task the Preparation of a single Construction Bid package to cover the filling and rough grading was also inclusive. b) The scope of work was to complete the design of primary infrastructure for the Al-Mutrafiah Sector F2 covering an area of 220 hectares. The range of work included the design of other amenities like roads, storm drainage, sanitary wastewater, sewage treatment, electrical power distribution, lighting, Telecommunication system and landscaping. c) Design of Secondary Infrastructure for the Al-Mutrafiah Sector F2 was undertaken. It incorporated the detailed design of complete sub-division infill infrastructure for sector F2 covering the design of all the above mentioned facilities. The task also intergated the preparation of complete RFP/IFC packages.
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