Design of Residential Site, Site Preparation of Mardumah District
Water and Wastewater Network
The project involves the following Elements: Prepared the Drainage study report and proposals for the discharge of surplus treated sanitary wastewater wihich includes the review of the existing systems and proposed the different alternatives for disposal to various locations with cost comparison etc and recommendation for the best alternative to the Royal Commission to adopt. Storm drainage and Sewage drainage study for the whole Madumah site and recommended the best options keeping in view the topography of the area, availability of interfaces, costs.etc Design the rough grading of the whole Mardumah district aplit into two Contracts. Prepared the design drawings for Grading, Bid documents and cost estimates. Review and adjust realignment of roads and prepared utilities right of way drawings for all the three district i.e Mardumah Haii Al Fasil and , Haii Al Surouge.
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